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Bill Wixey and I had a great time making Puking Peppers and Creepy Apple Bites! Happy Halloween everyone!




Revenge of the Carrots
These are SO CREEPY and super fun! Have your Adult Assistant help you put the toothpicks into the carrots. Happy Halloween!
  1. 5 nasty crooked carrots
  2. 8 toothpicks
  3. 5 sliced almonds
  4. Your favorite dip, like black bean dip, guacamole, or hummus
  1. Line up the 5 carrots and decide which is going to be the thumb, pinky, etc. Vary the heights accordingly.
  2. Cut the bottoms of the carrots so that when they are standing up, they are at the right height. Make sure to cut the bottoms nice and flat!
  3. Carefully take toothpicks and attach the carrots together. We took one toothpick and broke them in half so they are shorter, but you can use a whole toothpick.The toothpick will keep your carrot fingers together and keep them from falling all over the place in the dip.
  4. Put your dip in a bowl. Carefully place your carrot fingers in the dip.
  5. Put a little dip on each almond slice and then stick them on the ends of the carrots. They are the fingernails.
  6. ENJOY! 😀
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Creepy Apple Bites
These are super fun to make, and really good to eat!
  1. Apples, cored and sliced thin (2 slices per Apple Bite)
  2. Peanut butter
  3. All-natural fruit roll-up
  4. Slivered almonds
  1. Spread peanut butter on one side of each apple slice.
  2. Cut about a 2.5-inch strip of the fruit roll-up, then cut one end round so it's shaped like a tongue. Drape it over one apple slice.
  3. Stab slivered almonds into the apple to create teeth.
  4. Drape the apple slice without the fruit roll-up over the other to create a Creepy Apple Bite.
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Jack-o-Lantern Babies
This isn't a recipe but a neat idea for Halloween! Take a bowl to a party and you'll have a healthy snack option. It's so fun to draw the faces, and each one is different so it's neat to look at them all. Decorate with your friends!
  1. A bunch of Satsuma oranges, mandarin oranges, or Cuties
  1. Take a sharpie (black works well) and draw Jack-o-Lantern faces on the oranges! Have FUN! 😀
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Puking Peppers
Ewwwwww! These Puking Peppers are the perfect thing to eat before going Trick-or-Treating! It's super fun to make too, and if you use gluten-free quinoa pasta and add zucchini pasta, it makes it healthier. Me and my sister also like to take bites out of the (pepper) head! 😀
  1. 1 bell pepper
  2. 1 zucchini, made into noodles with a vegetable spiraler, or cut into strips with a knife
  3. Pasta, preferably gluten-free quinoa pasta
  4. Your favorite all-natural pasta sauce
  1. Cut the top of the pepper, and take out the seeds and white flesh.
  2. Using the pumpkin carving tool, carve a big mouth and eyes.
  3. In a bowl, combine the zucchini noodles, pasta, and sauce.
  4. Using clean hands, stuff your pepper with the noodle mixture, and pull some out of the mouth of the pepper.
  5. Place the top of the pepper back on (or leave it off to have the brains "spill out") - and serve!
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