Crunchy Rainbow Coleslaw with Jamie Oliver

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Jamie Oliver is an idol of mine, so I am so excited to announce that the video we did together for Crunchy Rainbow Coleslaw is on my Youtube Channel! I still can’t believe I got to cook with him. He was so nice and fun…and he’s someone I really look up to.

We had a blast making crunchy, tasty, colorful slaw 2 ways – creamy, and German-style! It’s a great recipe to go with meats or fish, or even in a sandwich. Look out for Jamie’s impersonation of Scooby Doo…it’s priceless 😀






3 Comments on “Crunchy Rainbow Coleslaw with Jamie Oliver”

  1. Would it be possible to have the written recipes for both coleslaws ? In the video there is no mention of the quantities of each ingredient.

    It would be nice if the written recipe was added below the video.

    Thank you.

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