Fourteen-year-old Amber Kelley knows what kids want to eat. She knows kids want to eat delicious foods, and that deep down, kids want to eat foods that make them smarter, stronger, and feel good.

But it’s not so easy when school lunches consist of processed foods, and classrooms host birthday parties with cupcakes every other day. To top it off, Amber knows firsthand the pressures from other kids to eat “cool” packaged foods. In the second grade, Amber was bullied about her healthy home-packed lunches. This inspired her to prove that “being healthy is cool” by starting a blog and YouTube show, Cook with Amber, featuring Amber in the kitchen making her delicious, easy family recipes.

“Keep up the effort, you’re really inspiring lots of people.”Jamie Oliver

Amber and Cook with Amber struck a chord with viewers. Amber has inspired kids, parents, grandparents, educators, and chefs around the world to cook healthy meals for themselves and their families. Cook with Amber is a part of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube network on YouTube. Amber has inspired kids as a “Kid Coach” at Mashable’s 2016 Kid Talks, an event encouraging everyone to dream fearlessly. Her work has been recognized by First Lady Michelle Obama at a dinner at the White House. She was featured as an “Inspirational Kid” on the Today Show and a “Culinary Wizard” on the 2015 Academy Awards’ Live From the Red Carpet on E!. Amber was also featured on Disney Channel’s Emmy Award-winning “Make Your Mark” series, which dedicates each episode to showcasing kids and teens around the country.

Amber is the winner of Food Network Star Kids, and has her own web series on She also starred on the second season of Food Network’s Rachael vs. Guy Kids Cook-Offseason 2.

Besides cooking, Amber enjoys volleyball, ultimate frisbee, music, hanging out with friends, and spending time with her family. She is currently obsessed with popcorn and alpacas.

Amber would love to hear from you! Catch Amber on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or contact us at

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